Portable Disability Insurance

Simplified issued disability insurance that was designed with active clientele in mind to offer coverage in the event of accident or soft tissue injury.

Type of insurance:

  • Disability insurance
    – in the event of an accident or soft tissue injury
    – in the event of an illness (optional)


  • 24 hour OR
  • Non-work related (accident or soft tissue injury only)


  • Are between the ages of 18 and 69 inclusively
  • Currently hold remunerative work for at least eight months per year and 21 hours per week
  • Are not currently limited in terms of your movements or daily activities due to an injury or illness
  • Do not have chronic neurodegenerative chronic disease or a permanent physical or intellectual impairment
  • Are a Canadican citizen or reside in Canada and meet certain criteria
  • Almost 10% of all disabilities involve pain, flexibility or mobility?
  • You can get a portable policy up to age 69?
  • You can qualify for up to $6,000 a month depending on income?