Medical insurance for the life of your pet

Trupanion helps make sure you can afford the care your pet needs when they get sick or hurt, no matter the cost. And they can pay your veterinarian directly at checkout—giving you the freedom to walk out the door paying only your share of the bill.

As the largest pet health insurance company in Canada and with a policy built by veterinarians, we know what it takes to keep your best friend by your side with discounted rates!

Dog Insurance Facts: Did You Know?

  • The average emergency vet bill for a dog is more than $700
  • The average dog visits the vet nearly three times per year
  • 76% of veterinarians would like to see more dog owners with pet insurance
  • You could more than pay for an entire year of dog insurance with reimbursement from one incident

*According to Packaged Facts, Pet Insurance in North America, 2010 report*