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We’ve created a menu of voluntary services that are specifically designed to save individuals money, all while providing you access to the best in class service!

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The “Choice$” program was created by Best Benefits Inc, a specialist in this area, as an alternative for corporations and associations to offer discounted value added services to their employees and members. In today’s economy, employers find it difficult to keep up with the increasing costs of traditional employee benefits while Associations require more modern approaches to offerings in order to maintain their membership.

We sought to create a leading edge product offering through “Choice$” to address this need via unique bulk purchase opportunities in the areas of individual coverage as well as those for large buying groups.

Cyber Insurance

On line, low cost, easy application with coverage for independent contractors

All-in-one cyber insurance and protection that reduces risk

BOXX doesn’t just help INSURE businesses and individuals against cyber liability; we offer complete protection against cyber risk. Our mission is to provide the most effective combination of cyber threat prediction, prevention and cyber insurance coverage for small businesses, homes and families.

Including Group Conversion

Health & Dental

Maybe you don’t want any benefits other than Extended Health and Dental? Or perhaps you have lost group insurance coverage from your employer? This product offering will allow you to choose a variety of options of coverage together with a direct pay card so you won’t be out of pocket. Compare it to any other out there!

  • Did you know that 32% of Canadians do not have dental insurance and that 17% of Canadians avoided visiting and dental professional because of the cost?

Commercial Insurance

Get Commercial Insurance for your Nexion Business

On line easy application coverage for independent contractors covering their business insurance needs with access to national broker for assistance.

Want a custom built insurance product that is specifically designed to meet your business needs? The business insurance experts at AI Insurance Organization will work with you and your team to secure the best insurance products to protect your business!

Commonly purchased products which offers include:

  • General Liability (inclusive of product liability)
  • Property Insurance (inclusive of fire, sewer backup & water damage coverage)
  • Employee Theft Protection
  • Business Interruption
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (inclusive of wrongful dismissal & sexual harassment coverage)

Epilogue - Online Wills

Making legal services easy, affordable and, dare we say, enjoyable!

Epilogue is a leading Canadian online will company founded by lawyers. It offers a seamless and user-friendly platform for creating legally binding wills. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive guidance, Epilogue makes the process of estate planning accessible to everyone. By using Epilogue, individuals can efficiently outline their wishes regarding asset distribution, guardianship of dependents, and appointment of executor.

With stringent security measures in place, Epilogue guarantees the confidentiality and safety of your sensitive information. By using Epilogue, you can save substantial time and money compared to traditional methods, all while ensuring that your loved ones are protected.

Choose Epilogue and gain peace of mind, knowing that your legacy will be safeguarded and your family’s future secured with a custom Will. Use the link below to get a 15% discount automatically applied at checkout.

  • Mental health disorders are now the fastest- growing and most costly kind of health disability in Canada. Between 10% and 40% of people with the costliest chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, pain, heart disease) also have depression.


Assistance For Your
Health & Well-being

Sometimes we or our families need help in areas that can affect our daily lives but don’t know where to turn. Humanacare provides employees assistance for their families, second opinion medical and advice on eldercare together with a Critical illness insurance benefits. Normally only available under group plans, Choice$ provides this for you!

Hassle Free Insurance Coverage

Guaranteed Issued Life/AD&D

This program, administered by Best Benefits Inc., is designed to address the fact that over 17 million Canadians have no life insurance. Even group insurance  from employers only offer an average of $45,000 across Canada and so there is a need for a solution. You can access the program online with no questions asked. As a bonus you will be eligible to receive the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Action Update emails.

  • Ten Good Reasons
    Life insurance can help meet a wide variety of financial goals. Here are 10 reasons consumers give for owning life insurance.

    • Cover burial & other final expenses
    • Transfer wealth or leave an inheritance
    • Help replace lost income
    • Help pay off mortgage
    • Pay home care expenses
    • Pay estate taxes or create estate liquidity
    • Supplement retirement income
    • tax-advantage way to save and invent
    • Provides funds for a college education
    • Make a charitable gift

MyDignity Homecare Assistance plan is

*   simple to understand
*   affordable
*   easy to acquire
*   provides peace of mind
*   a valuable solution for your future care.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

Homecare Assistance
Your Care Your Way

MyDIGNITY is a truly unique resource centre, aimed at allowing seniors to stay in their own homes longer.
MyDIGNITY is the answer to the following questions…
WHO is going to take care of you when you can no longer take care of yourself?
HOW can I ensure my aging parents have access to quality Homecare?
WHERE is the money going to come from? When purchased by a company, associated costs can be TAX DEDUCTIBLE and not be considered a taxable benefit to the recipient.

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tia. Health

Online Appointments
With Canadian Doctors

No cost in provinces currently available, they will create easy access to doctors for people who may not have current facilities in place.

Tia Health is simple and convenient. You can skip the waiting room and don’t have to leave your bed when you are sick. Get prescriptions and renewals delivered right to your home or office, while enjoying free delivery anywhere in Canada!

Simple. Convenient. Comfortable. Free.

The Pharmacy That
Comes to You

TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy is a private, convenient, online pharmacy that delivers everything you expect from your community pharmacy and more.

TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy

Free next business day delivery in Canada.

Competitive dispensing fees and drug pricing.

Refill reminders before you run out.

Private patient counselling over the phone.